Rock School and Summer Camps


Sign up for our ROCK PROGRAM and learn what it takes to be a ROCK STAR!
When enrolled, you will be grouped with players of your age or experience.
Once the group is formed the EXPERIENCE begins!

Learn your favorite songs of the past and present, as well as write your own tunes! With the help of our own personal rock stars here at ROAM we will also teach bands how to communicate through music, work as a team, and learn the process of live music creating a fun and friendly environment. 

Sessions are on a semester basis, with one session in the fall/winter and another session in the winter/spring. Bands meet for two hours per week at ROAM on weekends (weekdays optional). Each semester ends with a live performance at a local venue! We will provide multiple opportunities for bands to perform at other events in the area! All bands will be given a recording of their work at the end of each semester.



Learn your favorite songs, write a song, experience what it takes to be a real Rock Star right here in Delray!

Our instructors have over forty years combined experience in the music industry specializing in live performance, live and studio recording, and private instruction!

Ages 10 and up. Classes will run Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm. All bands will take home a recording of their work from that week! We are currently enrolling bands right now. Give us a call or email for more details!



Tuition Rates:

Rock School Semester: $900 per student

Summer Camps 1-week session: $600 per student