Music Gear and Rentals

Our retail store carries brand name accessories for guitar, bass, drums and orchestra band instruments. Through our supplier we can order just about anything for you; check out the list below: 

Guitars -  

Starcaster by Fender, Martin Traveler, Hamer, Applause, Jasmine by Takamine, Sierra, JBP, Dean Guitars, Luna, Yamaha, J Reynolds, Montana, Lauren, Hilo, Hohner, Diamond Head, Oscar Schmidt.

Guitar/Bass Accessories - 

  • Strings: D'addario, Elixir, Cleartone, DR, Fender, Martin, Dunlop, Dean Markley, La Bella, Savarez, Black Diamond, Augustine.
  • Pedals: Fender, Line 6, Zoom, BBE Sound Inc., Dunlop, Danelectro, Boss, Radial, Visual Sound, Fishman, Aguilar, Electro-Harmonix, Sanyo, Proco.
  • Amps:  Hartke, RMS, Line 6, Fender minis, Pignose, Danelectro.
  • Cables:  Fender, Monster, Stageline, Adam, Bullet Cable, Hot Line, RMS, Planet Waves.
  • Pickups:  Fender, EVH, Gibson, Martin, Shadow, Aquilar, Fishman, Dean Markley.
  • Capos: Kyser, Shubb, Fender.
  • Straps: Fender, Gretch, Dunlop, Levy's, LM, Gibson, Perri's, Lauren, Ft. Bryan, Planet Waves.
  • Picks:  Fender, EVH, Jackson, Gretsch, Dunlop, Planet Waves, Clayton USA, Dava, Gibson, Picks by the Pound, National, Golden Gate, Herco.
We can also order brand name hard and soft cases, guitar and bass parts, pedal boards, stands, cleaning kits, etc. Give us a call to inquire about our products at 703-838-2130.
Drums/Percussion - 
  • Drum sets:  Night Hawk by Gretsch, PDP, CB Drums.
  • Sticks:  Vic Firth, Vater, Pro Mark, Regal Tip, Zildgian, Innovative Percussion, Mike Balter, Yamaha.
  • Hand Percussion: LP.
  • Cymbals:  All Sabian series.
  • Kick pedals:  DW, Gibraltar.
  • Hardware:  Gibraltar, DW
  • Drumheads:  Remo, Evans, Aquarian.  
We can also order multiple types of soft and hard cases, drum set add-ons, muffling kits, percussion instruments, and replacement parts.  Give us a call to inquire about products we may not have listed at 703-838-2130.  
Keyboards and accessories-
  • Casio full sized keyboards and accessories
  • Yamaha keyboards and accessories

Stringed instruments-

  • Acoustic-electric violins by Barcus-Berry
  • Violins, violas, cellos, and basses by Becker
We can order Red Label, Thomastik Infeld Vienna, La Bella, and D'Addario strings.  We can also order multiple accessories for stringed instruments including spare parts.
We also carry live sound and recording equipment from Shure, Samson, Yamaha, Audio-Technica, Nady Audio, Monster, Stageline, Sennheiser, and Tascam. Give us a call to inquire about products we may not have listed at 703-838-2130.